"Pursue Your Life's Opportunities" Mission (pī-lō) n. “PURSUE YOUR LIFE’S OPPORTUNITIES” Opportunity is our theme at PYLO. When most people think of the attributes that have made this country great, they always refer to the U.S.A. as “the land of opportunity”. We at PYLO want to insure that “OPPORTUNITY” remains the hallmark of the U.S.A. PYLO uses only fabric woven in the U.S.A. All the garments we manufacture are sewn and finished only in the U.S.A. We believe that denim jeans are truly an iconic American product and should be manufactured in America. PYLO believes in American manufacturing. We want to bring back jobs and opportunity to the U.S.A. PYLO “Pursue Your Life’s Opportunities” is the motto of our denim line. Our objective is to manufacture authentic, made in the U.S.A., denim jeans, with emphasis on quality and a focus on fabric, fit and finish. To underscore PYLO’s commitment, all our fits are named after American historical figures and our washes are named after National Parks. We believe in the greatness of America and are proud to contribute a portion of our profits to the preservation and enhancement of our national parks and wilderness areas.
~ Monday, February 22 ~